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Picture Frame Graphic

     Artist Megan Nelson heirs from Lancaster County, where she also makes her home with her family and various pets. She learned to express herself in art at a very young age and has since dedicated her life to her artistic vision. Completing her education at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (PCA&D) with a BFA in Fine Art, she continued into a professional art career that is steadily growing in popularity. Her unique works have been in galleries, exhibits and shows for the last fifteen years. Ever at work, she specializes in sculpting handmade, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind figures, creatures, props, costumes, and installations. Using top-grade materials, clays, paints, and weatherproof sealants, her sculptures are vivid with color and texture, bristling with life, are durable and archival.

          Megan’s work is driven by her connection to the world, and life, noticing that the strange, odd, and grotesque are what propel us forward, cause change and revolution, breaking free from the norm or old perspectives. All things have a place in the universe and bringing the magnificent, mystical, and mysterious to light is when her work is at its best and she is at home. She taps into a realm of unseen creativity to design original works that push the boundary of what we know as art, helping us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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